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Daniel Saynuk holds a B.S in Business Administration. He decided to form his own company, Daniel Saynuk LLC, in order to assist him in bring to market products both he, as a legally blind individual, and the public at large would enjoy.

Daniel has written and published an article on accessible cell phone applications for the blind. The article is available here. He works full-time in sales support, as well as volunteers in his community on the home owners association as the Recording Secretary. Daniel has turned a single webpage into a website when he previously was the webmaster for a singles group. He has also developed a prototype website during his internship in college for a child advocacy group for youth who were abused and/or neglected.

On his free time Daniel enjoys walking with his guide dog, and swiming.

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Consulting is also available for $50 per hour or $20 for a half hour. Alternatively purchasing both books from us directly at the same time can count for one hour of consulting for USA residence. Consulting topics include learning more about offerings to help the visually impaired and blind, as well as marketing help for businesses. Contact us for detaisls.

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